June 5th, 2009

fabric colors

Because Ginsie just needs a new Elizabeth smock, that's why.

I need to get to the fabric store, badly, and get another bolt of muslin. I also need to finish up the projects I have, not start a single other one, and stop giggling over email.

The problem is that we can't get our "personal" email at work anymore (oh sure, I can play on etsy, LJ, and FanFiction but I can't get to gmail?!?) so I spend about two hours in the evening now going through email. It wouldn't be so bad if my computer actually worked like a regular computer and didn't get hung up every five minutes.

I need to finish rebuilding my other computer and that would help...a lot.

Got a lot of questions answered at work today, thank God. Today was one of my co-workers last day at our office but he's only moving to the 6th floor.

For tomorrow, I *think* I'm cleaning my house and sewing. I hope. I really need to sew and stop getting "ideas" for projects.

The Pennsic Trailer: Right now, it looks like a no go. Basically what happened this year is the truck. I might be able to save enough money before Pennsic for the wood and nails but I'm going to hold off until next year. I know the guys will hate that but it does mean that I get my platform tent back this year. Platforms are a good thing.