June 8th, 2009

fabric colors

So now for the long post

My computer and I are ready to kill each other. Oh, it's perfectly fine if I type in Word but to type in a browser? I must be insane! My computer will lock up after typing maybe a sentenance in a browser screen and it takes about a half hour or so just to post a comment anymore. It's really REALLY vexing.Collapse )

Must not Squee loudly...

Dad said the London trip is the week of the 20th in September.
I just happened to check the Bath website to see about the best ways to get there.

...guess what happens to be going on the week of the 20th in September?

C'mon. Guess.

:-) Jane Austen Festival!!!!!!!!!!!

Squee so does not cover it.

So...now to make a new dress just for that.....

Regency link parking

Feel free to ignore. BTW, the new search engine Bing? Awesome at image retrival. Honest...yeah, I'm posting a lot today. Sorry.


http://www.vintageconnection.net/RegencyDressesAndPatterns.htm -> Pattern for extant Regency dress

http://www.victoriana.com/Regency-Era/regencyfashions-1811.htm ->Fashion Plates from 1811-1812

http://collections.vam.ac.uk/objectid/O140293 ->I don't know why but I love this spencer

http://collections.vam.ac.uk/objectid/O115858 ->this just *looks* like something I would wear.