June 12th, 2009


Minor stuff

I worked on the red silk dress last night. I'm adding the eyelets and it should be done quickly. I didn't work on the pink dress from heck last night. I did show it to a couple of the ladies in my household. They think I’ve gone insane. Not because of the color, mind you. (Bright OMG pink is okay, I guess…) but because of the trim. Hey, what else are you going to do with deadstock 1970’s yarn trim? :-) This dress will be too much fun once it’s actually done.

Ginsie got a pup cone last night at Rita’s. There was another couple there with their pup. It was funny listening to them while Ginsie ate her cone because they kept saying things like “Why can’t you be polite like that puppy?” and “See? If you behave like that pup, the ice cream lasts longer!” Oh how little they know… ;-p (To explain, Ginsie eats her ice cream like a human. She’ll lick the ice cream first and then take the cone to eat it. She doesn’t try to hog it all in one bite like most dogs. When people typically see this, they find it hilarious and wonder how I trained her to do that. Truth is, Ginsie is just a pretty pretty princess and refuses to act like a dog.)

I’ve been having odd dreams again lately. Last night was about going to the mall and going to a hair salon. I think I really just want to dye my hair pink. Or go shopping. Probably both.