June 15th, 2009

Purple Waterhouse

Just a really good heartwarming news story


Once he was lost, but now is found

Jun 14, 2:00 PM (ET)


WOODHAVEN, Mich. (AP) - His hair had grayed and he'd lost several teeth.

But there was something about the small, wiry man who walked into the shelter at the Woodhaven Bible Church in suburban Detroit in search of a bed for the night. With boyish enthusiasm, he told church volunteer Pat Fite about his "good day," how pleased he was to have found some discarded returnable cans and a grungy baseball. Pat helped him clean up the ball. She continued to study his face.

It was a good day for Monte, indeed - and it was about to get a whole lot better.
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No pictures, sorry.

I think I left the camera out in the car. I honestly have no idea where it is. I last saw it yesterday so it might even be at my parents house.

Random news: I just killed a giant spider in my house. You'd think that by now, the spiders would learn they are NOT welcome in my house. I’ve told them that to enter my house is an automatic death sentence and yet, still I find them. This one was about the size of the silver dollar. I got out the spider killer…err…vacuum and he tried to run away. Thank God he didn’t manage to hide. I’d be up all night wondering when the spider was going to take his revenge!

In sewing news:
Red dress, done.
Pink dress, not done.
That Victorian corset I said I wanted to buy because I hate making corsets…the mock up fits pretty well actually. :-) Yeah, I know. And the corset is no where near perfect but it’s loosely based on a couple from the 1870’s. I’m going to make it out of khaki twill to use as an undergarment for my steampunk outfit. I hope the outfit will be done by July 12th so I can wear the entire ensemble. It’s either that or the pseudo-Edwardian…and I do not want to walk around in those shoes!