June 16th, 2009


Pink dress? What pink dress? ;-)

I haven’t worked on the pink dress fro heck at all today. I really should but I can’t find my sewing bag which means I can’t find the brown thread that matches perfectly to the 1970’s yarn trim on the pink dress which means…I can’t sew. I hope the sewing bag turns up tomorrow. I have a couple of other projects in it that need to get done.

So, instead, I worked on my corset tonight. I cut it out of the khaki material. I had just enough to do both the front and the lining out of the khaki twill. The edging will be done in a complementary green. Very safari looking which is perfect for steampunk. I sewed up the back of the corset tonight and will finish with the front in the morning or tomorrow.

I didn’t get home until really late because my car broke down this morning. Yes, Bella just clunked right out on me while I was driving down the street towards the Beltway. I stopped the truck, put it in park, re-started the engine, and drove right on over to the gas station. It was a loose cable. I also got the oil changed and they even made sure the air in the tires was okay.

Because of that, I didn’t get to work until 10. Which meant I had to stay until 6. It wasn’t bad because I got to work on some special projects in the afternoon. I only felt bad because of poor Miss Ginsie. She was very happy when I got home. :-)