June 20th, 2009

Dangerous beauty

Event tomorrow

So, long story short; Thursday sucked.   I ended up having to go home because one of the janitorial crew sprayed some of the cleaner everywhere.  According to my co-workers, I started to swell up (not surprised) but what really bothered me was my lungs BURNED and I ended up extremely nauseous.  Not fun.   When I got to the car, my face was all blotchy and, basically, I’m really allergic to the cleaners they use.  And I’ve told them this.  Three times.   My other co-workers have told them this.   We’ve put up a sign before and we’ll have to again.

I haven’t eaten much since then.  I’ve tried but it hasn’t been good.   So, until this stupid allergic reaction passes, I’m not sure what I’m going to do. 

I really want to go tomorrow and I think I still might but if I don’t, it’s really because of an allergic reaction to cleaners.  Ugh.

The pink dress from heck is almost done.  It just needs rings and it will be fine.  The trim got caught in the front on one side so it looks a little odd but it’s not horrible.   Well, it is horrible but not that kind of horrible.   I don’t think I’ll end up wearing it tomorrow though.  It will be a Pennsic dress but I think I’ll just stick with something else for tomorrow.  I have no idea what yet.   Maybe the red silk one…

Lady watching the rain

Not going

I thought I might be able to make it but my stomach will not cooperate this morning.   I'm really, truly sorry and hope everyone that does go has a great time.  I'll see a bunch of ya at Pennsic!