June 22nd, 2009

fall color

Sewing Updates

The corset that is way too big is almost done. It really breaks my heart that it's too big because it looks just perfect for me other than the size issue. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish it tonight and put it up on ebay or etsy. Someone should be able to wear it and enjoy it!

The apron for the Pink dress from Heck is almost done too. I need to put lacing rings in the pink dress and it will be finished. I also need to make up my mind on whether I want "wings" or "loops" on the sholder area of the jacket. If I'm good, I might get that finished tonight too.

I'm thinking a baby blue cotton corset this time around (take two!) with white lace edging at the top and a pink ribbon. It will be interlined twice with cotton duck and have enough boning to set off a metal detector but I need to get this done, quick. I really want to work on my outfit for the 12th. All the Pennsic stuff is outfits I've cut out and sewn up a gazillion times before. The steampunk, not so much.