June 23rd, 2009


The Definition of "Fu"

So, my boss has a bunch of purple and red folders on his desk. I immediately tease him and ask him what little old lady gave him all those folders. He doesn't know what I'm talking about other than, for some odd reason, I associate purple and red with little old ladies. I try to explain about the purple hat society by saying "You know, the little old ladies that wear all the purple and red and the hats with fu!"
He wants to know what "fu" is and I try to explain that. He declares "fu" is really "flair" which, of course, evolves into Office Space jokes.

So, needing to vindicate myself, I decide to find the most "fu" hat of the purple hat society I can possible find. I have settled on this. I told him "fu" was tulle, feathers and a big wide brim. :-) That is total "fu", don't you think?

....he's claiming the "bonnet" is mine now. Danielle agrees with me in declairing that, if it was mine, it would so be black and pink! Now, per Danielle's orders, I need to find a label maker and rename it "Tracy's Bonnet". I think Shelia has one...