June 28th, 2009

fabric colors


Sorry I haven't posted much. I finished the mustard yellow linen apron for the Pink Dress from heck. The apron is about four yards of material and it's 100% handsewn. It really looks horribly awesome with the dress. The color matching/clashing is just....wild.

The jacket: I've finally decided on a shoulder style for the jacket. I'm handsewing the trim to the hanging sleeves. It shouldn't take too long. I'm thinking another day or two and then the jacket really will be done.

Once this entire dress is finally finished, I'll take some pictures. It truly is a horrible sight but I love it. The mustard yellows, bright pinks, and dirt browns just....mesh and yet not. I did get a bit of the avocado green and the tangerine orange in the outfit too. I swear, the 1970's exploded on to this poor 1570's outfit. ;-)

I've been writing, reading, and sewing all this weekend. I really need to work on my next corset. Hopefully, I'll be able to do that this week and then I can finish the work on my steampunk outfit for the 12th. It looks like it will be COLD that day (75 as high in July? In DC? Are you kidding me?) so be forewarned if you are planning on coming to that too.