June 30th, 2009

red cape thinking

Silly Question Time!

So, with the Lotto up to $94 Million, I was thinking what anyone would do with that amount of money. Of course, there is the regular pay off the bills, pay off the mortgage, give money to charity, ect but once all that is done, then what? I mean with $94 million (if you take the cash option and then after taxes you are still talking about $25-$27 million) it's not like there is a whole lot you can't do.

I'd totally travel. I'd take Miss Ginsie with me where ever I'd go and probably provide a glut of pictures. :-) Now, the whole traveling thing would probably last at least a year of five, but after that I'd most likely buy a new home (wouldn't do that right away simply because you need to get your accounts in order as well as any investments) somewhere either in TN or VA. I love NC but the taxes are too much compared to those two states.

So, what would you do if you won the lottery?