July 2nd, 2009


Ginsie Update

Ginsie had another seizure today at 5 am. She hasn't had one in about 6 months, I think but this one was a BAD one. The seizure lasted about a minute. I managed to pick her up, carry her downstairs, and went to stand her up while I unlocked the front door. She did not move. She refused to stand up and just laid there. I had to pick her up and place her out on the sidewalk. She managed to roll on the grass. When I went to help her again, she made movements that told me she was coming completely out of it. It was only another minute before she did her "Dorthy"* thing. But the whole not moving thing when she was at the front door? Scared the living daylights out of me.

She hasn't had a post-seizure episode like that since she'd been on her meds. Normally, the seizure stops, she goes into "drunk puppy" mode for half a minute and then it's all "Dorthy". That didn't happen. She went from seizure to not moving to drunk puppy.

I gave her extra meds and dropped her off with Mom & Dad today on the way to work. There is no way I would leave her alone at home right now. She needs people around her that she a)knows b) know her and about her epilepsy and c)love her. I hate having to come to work with this bad an episode but I plan on leaving early.

Mom is giving her gatorade (it helps with the electorlites (sp?) and hydration so it's great post-seizure stuff) and keeping an eye on her for me. I know my brothers will help out too since Mom and Dad are leaving for Paris this afternoon (another reason I'm leaving early today). It's just not fun to be awoken at 5 am to your pup having a Grand Mal seizure. I much prefer the 5 am in-your-face-happy-look-can-we-go-outside-now wake up even if it does annoy me.

* Dorthy mode refers to the last scene in The Wizard of Oz where she goes "And you were there! And you were there! And you were there! But you couldn't be there, could you?". When Ginsie comes out of her "drunk puppy mode" and seems to realize what happened, she has to sniff everything. She'll wag her tail and act like she hasn't seen you in five weeks! It's super cute if the seizure wasn't so scary.