July 3rd, 2009

4th of July

Pictures later

So far today I’ve mowed the lawn, went up to G street only to find out they aren’t really carrying specialty patterns anymore (grr), came home and cleaned up the bathroom, did the dishes, cleaned up the living room, went through boxes and threw out a bunch of stuff, and cut out my Viking dress tunic. Now, I’m going to sew that up, repair the apron dress, and draft out the new corset. I might even finish that. Oh…and I took a nap. :-)

How to tell you are loved...

When your parents call twice from France in the same day. Once to tell you they got there (okay, cool) and once to tell you all about the super-awesome-manor-home-of-awesomeness that they get to go to for the wedding. Dad even said “It reminds me a lot of you. I can just see people walking around in pretty dresses and powder wigs complaining about the peasants and how bad the cheese is.” :-) Mom told me that the décor of the hotel room reminded her of me. They promise they are taking pictures.