July 6th, 2009

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Corset take three!

So far, the corsetwaist looks like it might just work. If nothing else, it looks pretty. Well, wild, but pretty. There is only so much you can do when your choices for strechy fabric are bright pink, aqua, or a lime green. I went with pink. It looks awesome with the black twill straps for the belts.

I'm loosely basing the corsetwaist off of "healthy" alternatives to full corsets during the 1860's and 1870's. Hopefully, once I'm done, it will fit right and I'll take lots of pictures. Really, so far, so good but I'm not keeping my hope up.

Other sewing projects: My heraldic dress is cut. I'm not sure if I'll get my Pennsic project done in time. I hope so but I'm really not sure. I'm making a pink linen early 16th c Italian as well. I've brought more than enough sewing projects to keep me busy for the week to my parent's house. They are in France and then Italy for the week. So my brothers' have the house to themselves...sorta. Actually, I'm here to make sure Bob (the lizard. Also known as Bobbette!) get food and water...and the commute from the house to work is a heck of a lot shorter!
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More updates

I finished boning the front left side of the corsetwaist. It's looking rather spiffy. :-) I think, if I ever do this pattern again, I'll do the belts a bit differently. Rather than making them go all the way around from the back, I think I'll just have the over the strechy sides and make 'em so you can pull 'em tight.

I'm handsewing in the boning channels because, the way I have it constructed, I really can't do much on the sewing machine with it. I'm using all cable ties this time. Hopefully, this one will work!

Ginsie is doing okay. She's acting like herself. Right now, she's at my parents' house and my brother should let her out through out the day. I hope. Assuming he gets up before noon. College kid.