July 8th, 2009

Gothic Catacombs

Mr. Bones

Donna, one of my co-workers, gave me a gummy possable skeleton about a week ago or so. He's one of those plastic ones you get at Halloween for maybe twenty five cents. I named him Mr. Bones and he lives on top of my monitor at work.

Every day now, he "moves". First, he was simply sitting on my monitor with "jazz hands". And then he moved to facepalm. And then he was praying...died...and today he is hugging his knees in the whole rocking back and forth position.

In other totally unrelated news:

The corset...I like it but I don't like it. It has minor problems, all of which are very fixable, but would take a few hours to fix. Given that I need a dress for this Saturday, I'm just giving up for now and going to start on the dress tonight. Hopefully, it won't take nearly as long.