July 9th, 2009

mid victorian


Remember how I *wasn't* going to fix the corset? I lied.

I took out the stretchy sides and the belts and put in "real" sides. So rather than it looking something like the middle left of this newsprint it looks a LOT more like these homemade stays, which is cool. My brothers actually thought what I was changing them into was pretty neat.

So, tonight I just need to do the eyelets and take pictures.

Yesterday, I went and picked up my basket I won at the silent auction at church. It was filled with doggy treats and toys. Ginsie and Shiloh LOVE it. Amazingly, rather than the possum, Ginsie has been playing with the rope frisbe. She'll carry it around and drop it at your feet for you to throw it. This dog has NEVER wanted to play fetch before; this is totally new for her.