July 10th, 2009

mid victorian


The third, and now very final attempt at the Victorian corset....fits! It's actually a little small but that's a heck of a lot better than too big. Small, I can deal with when it comes to a corset.

...I lost my camera again hence no pictures. I think the camera is in the truck. I'm not sure.

So, I started on the actual dress now. I swear I'll get it done tomorrow. At least the idea behind the dress is very simple....and I have a pre-made pattern for it. :-)

Also, worked on the jacket for the Pink Dress from Heck today. The hanging sleeves now have the trim on them that inspired this horrible creation. It truly is sad in the 70'sploded look but it's also oh so perfect too....

After these projects, I'll finish up the basic early 16th century Italians I have yet to make. They shouldn't take too long since I already have a good pattern for those and it's a basic pleat to the bodice and go type outfit. After that, I shouldn't have any more Pennsic related sewing, I hope!
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Link Parking! < Beautiful blue 1870's dress

http://dept.kent.edu/museum/costume/bonc/3timesearch/tsnineteenth/19.html < 19th C fashion timeline with a lot of extant examples

http://www3.fitnyc.edu/museum/Exoticism/morningrobe.htm < Evidence our ancestors didn't always have great taste. (The cut is gorgeous but the colors? It almost makes my Pink Dress from Heck look sane....almost...)

http://100megspop3.com/adira/victoria/1870s.htm < fashion plates! Lots and lots of 'em!
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Quick Question

Anyone else planning on going to the Arboretum this Sunday at 1? (I know a couple of others are, I'm just curious if there might be our own lil meet up there since it looks like a LOT of people are going...)