July 11th, 2009

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Steamy Undergarments!

I'm loosely basing these on historical garments from about the 1870's. Very loosely....I seriously need a bustle icon...

Steampunk Undergarments!

Pillow bustle Sorry, I couldn't help myself and had to make it a square. I mean...it's supposed to be a pillow, right? ;-)

Side view. The chemise has some antique lace around the neckline. I'll be using more lace on the dress itself.

Any thoughts? Suggestions?
pretty victorian lady snow

Steampunk almost done

I need to add buttons and some bows but I think you can get the idea of what I'm trying to achieve by the pictures.

The front of the dress. It's just pinned for now. I have to add the bows and the buttons yet.

Side view! I really love this shot because you can see what I did with all the quilting fabric at Joanns really well! what I'm attempting to do.

Now to finish this up while watching Return to Oz!
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