July 13th, 2009

Lady watching the rain

From over at steamfashion


I look rather odd in most of the pictures (I can't keep my eyes open for the life of me and the sun is not my friend.). Those who have tried to photograph me before know that uh....getting me so I'm not making some sort of face in a photo is really hard. :-)

EDIT: I found my favorite in another set up on Flickr.


That picture is so me! Part of the group but gazing off at God knows what. :-)

You can see the dress really well in a couple of the photos on both sets. I think I'll go with a "real" bustle dress next. (Probably not H/A but floor length). Maybe I should try to do one of the later Empress Sissy ones...hmmm...

For the zoo, I'm planning on the Edwardian skirt again but a new blouse and a very big hat.

Overall the trip to the arboretum was a blast. I loved seeing so many people come. I got to meet kaypendragon finally, which was really nice. It was hilarious, towards the end of the trip, because so many people kept coming up to us and asking what all this was for. At the start of it, people were just ignoring us!

The one bad thing was one of the nails IN the shoe popped through. Yes, mega ouch. I had some cute heels on that I've worn only a couple of times before. I immediately took of the shoes and started to walk around in hose. I managed to find one of the girls that had her tool belt (for our crashed airship, of course) and asked to borrow a hammer. Thank God, she had a jewelers hammer on her and I beat the nail until it was perfectly flat (flush) with the inside of the shoe. I did not have any trouble with the shoes after that. Stupid nail.

Other than that, I loved just talking (hearing other people talk O_o) and walking around the gardens. The smell of the lavender and rosemary in the herb garden was just heavenly.

I'm thinking something evil...

So...I have just enough fabric left over from the skirt in my steampunk bustle dress to make a t-tunic. I'm thinking, that purply mauvy color with a pale pink over-tunic con angel sleeves....might just be interesting. Yes, pink and purple. Or maybe purple and aqua....oh...pretties! I have some aqua silk lying about...or I can dye my white linen I have aqua...

:-) Wadda y'all think?
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