July 16th, 2009



So far today:

Got emailing capabilities back at work! Woohoo!

Heard I might have a chance at a transfer. ::keeping fingers crossed::

I should have pictures of my latest outfit up tonight. It's nothing too special, just a basic early 1500's Italian with side lacing. It's a pretty blue linen but I'm adding white sleeves (jacquard) with my household arms on it.

After this dress is done, I'm working on a pink dress, same style. Also linen. Nothing too special.

Then I should have enough time to make a couple of more outfits before I leave for Pennsic (July 30th). It looks like it might be a cool Pennsic as of right now (Highs of 77-80, honest!) which I really would love. I can break out the velvets then....