July 19th, 2009

fabric colors

Dress updates

Pink Dress from Heck: I started to complete the jacket last night only to figure out I did the cuff wrong on one of the hanging sleeves and need my seam ripper...which has mysteriously disappeared from my sewing bag. It will be done before Pennsic.

Blue Heraldic dress: I just have to pleat the skirt and attach it to the bodice. The dress is in the very early 1500's Venetian style. It's a pretty deep Turquoise blue linen. Really, it's an hour of work left on it.

The Elizabethan-esque coat I wasn't supposed to start: I have the entire thing pinned and it's looking pretty good. I'm making it out of this really neat brushed cotton material that is cotton velvet on the other side. The velvet is in a paisley pattern but I'm not really going for H/A with it. I'm thinking more Pennsic and Renn Fest with this and I was trying to develop a plausable pattern for any future coats (rather than using the pattern I already have from Simplicity ten years ago that is actually pretty good).

To do list:

  • Finish Pennsic Project. I need to write up the documentation this week.

  • Pink linen early 16th century Italian dress. This one shouldn't take too long and it will be a nice soft pink.

  • Snow White re-done. I need to finish up the skirt and start on the stays.

  • If worse comes to worse, I can bring the other Snow White outfit or I can wear my Star Trek gown. Either way the household day of wrong won't be ruined. I also don't really need another pink Italian gown; I think I have enough outfits that fit me that I can bring. I need to go through everything thoroughly this week and see what fits and what doesn't.