August 5th, 2009

Arwen Sleeve

Post from Pennsic!!!!!!

Pennsic, really, has been a BLAST so far. I'm loving seeing everyone and loving being here again. It's been relatively nice in terms of weather so far this week. ::keeping fingers crossed::

In very big, very important, Oh My Goodness!!! news: I GOT TRANSFERRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This means I am no longer in my old unit, but I'm going to a completely different division. It's the one I wanted so I'm super excited right now. I got a text from my good supervisor right after one of the household courts I went to. I was talking to my friends when I saw the beeping red light on my blackberry. I read the message and started squeeing right then and there. No one was sure what was going on until I showed everyone the message.

So...what this means...It means I might NOT go on my TDY. I might end up at my new office on Monday instead. I'm trying to figure it all out right now (hence the computer time).
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