August 9th, 2009

Ever After Blue Dress

Back from Pennsic!

I might write up a really long Pennsic post tonight, assuming I get all the unpacking and emailing I need to get done, done. I also need to get to bed early and report to my TDY early tomorrow morning.

Anyway, I wanted to thank everyone for their congratulations on my new position. It got a bit hairy there on Thursday but everything is okay now and I am getting the transfer, Thank God.

...Now, on to the reason behind this post....

I got fabric. :-)

Friday afternoon, I went down to merchants. Typically, everyone has some good deals because they just don't want to take it home. I had my eye on this gorgeous bolt of pale blue cotton brocade since the beginning of Pennsic. It didn't have a price on it but the surrounding brocades were all in the $8 ~ $10 a yard range. Given that I'd need at least 3 yards for anything decent, I was very wary of it. But, Friday, I asked about the pretty blue bolt.

The gentleman at the store told me that the brocade was only $2 a yard. My brain immediately went from maybe 3 yards for a surcote to 10 yards for a surcote and an Italian gown. So, I asked him for ten yards of it. He told me he'd give me the entire bolt for that price. ...yes, I took it.

I carried the bolt of fabric through merchants (getting a lot of rather humorous looks) and up to my campsite where I promptly showed off my find. I *think* there is about 30 yards on the bolt. There may be more. I need to measure it out tonight and take pictures of it.

It is a cotton brocade (it might be a blend but it's mostly cotton. I'll do a burn test tonight to make sure) and the color is light enough that I can dye it any color I want. Now, to make a surcote, an Italian Dress, and a cotehardie out of it.... and maybe a 'bethan? Hmmm...this fabric with the white wool I have....