August 16th, 2009


Sleep? What's that?

I took a nap at about three today and woke up to Ginsie whining around 5. I thought it was for dinner, given the time, but I woke up to see my bedroom floor covered in blood. I freaked out, naturally, but all it is is a UT infection.

I took Miss Ginsie over to the emergency vet and that was not fun. Ginsie can't control herself much (anyone who has had a UTI or kidney infection knows the feeling well) and ended up having small puddles of blood everywhere. I gave her the medication the vet prescribed but it will take a day or two to kick in fully. Not fun. For now, I'm having to let her outside every half hour. So much for sleep! Luckily, the pup is totally worth missing a few zzz.