August 23rd, 2009


My latest steampunk creation

Using the Commercial Pattern Archive (while it was still open), I found a lovely 1913 blouse that I thought would be awesome with my steampunk/edwardian-esque skirt. The only differences between the pattern on the Archive and my actual creation is that I didn't add a collar (I was thinking of using one of the lace ones I have around but it doesn't look right and it looks fine without it) and I added some binding at the bottom to stabilize the pleats and keep the "gathered" look. I also added elastic to the binding so it would fit at the waist right. It's steampunk, there are going to be some modern adaptations!

On to the picture!

My Edwardian-ish blouse

I'm wearing it to the zoo today. :-)
Black horse

Zoo was a no go

So, I got all dressed up (pictures later) and went to the zoo. It was a pain getting down there with all the traffic and when I got to the zoo...every lot was full! Every single one! People were parking up to a half mile away! Given the amount of people, the time (I figured getting there ten minutes early would be fine and didn't get there until exactly 1), and the knowledge that trying to find a parking spot in downtown DC is next to impossible on a normal day, I just went home. Well, my parents home since they were coming home today but I just couldn't make it. Sorry! I hope everyone that did go had lots of fun.