August 25th, 2009

fabric colors

Does anyone know?

After YEARS of searching, I have found the absolute more perfect fabric for a dress I've been dying to remake...again. :-) The only problem with it is that it's gold and not silver in color. Real gold, like the metal, not just the color. I know gold is next to impossible to tarnish but I was thinking, maybe, soaking it in lemon juice and then lying the fabric out in the sun might bleach it just a little? I don't mind a light gold color for the project (it would actually be perfect) but this is The problem is that it's the exact embroidery and type of fabric I've been looking for since ummm...2002? Probably even earlier than that really. I'm thinking I'm just going to buy the fabric anyway (despite that it's rather expensive) but I'd like to know if anyone has tried this before or if anyone would have any idea if it would work with a silk/gold metal weave....

If you know of a good forum to ask this question, please tell me too or just cross post it over there.
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Ever After Blue Dress

Bought the fabric...

For those that don't automatically recognize it (:-) ), it's similar to the fabric used in the Ever After just breathe gown. The only difference is that this is gold rather than silver. I think with the silver crinkle silk I have, though, it should off set enough to be a reasonable reproduction of the gown. You can see the actual gown upon on padawansguide's website Ever After Costumes. See? Very silver. Hopefully, the white satin silk I have will work as well to dim down the gold enough to make it look like the original...