August 29th, 2009


What I did today

So, got to work and really, truly, do not like my TDY right now. Thank God it's only a TDY. The people at that office....::shakes head:: Anyway, I gave up on them pretty early today and took my lunch break to go check out the National Gallery of Art (it was three blocks away). I'll post some of the stuff I was looking at later but I'm always amazed at some of the colors. There was a lot of teal, bright blues, really bright pinks, a few lavenders, ect. Colors we just don't see represented nearly enough in the SCA, I think.

I did see one painting that I found interesting. It was of the Virgin Mary breastfeeding the baby Jesus. That's a pretty common theme in the 15th and 16th c so not too surprising. What was surprising was that Mary was wearing one of those chemise garments that I think most of us have seen in the late 15th/early 16th c as indicative of the sitter having just given birth (at least in Italy). The chemise dress had a blue drawstring through the top of it. Despite it being possibly allegorical (it went in and out of eyelets like a even pleater drawstring so...), it did make perfect sense. The way the dress was set up, it tied at the shoulders (seen that before a lot with actual chemises in paintings). The drawstring would allow for more movement and the ties would allow for the front of the dress to fall for breast feeding.

I'll post a link to the painting later and see what everyone else thinks. It just made sense to me.

In the afternoon, I headed over to my new office -or what will be my new office in two weeks. MUCH BETTER! It's a small group, all very cheery and sarcastic at the same time -perfect group for me. The unit chief was awesome and I enjoyed talking to the three other analysts that were there. I think I'll like it there a lot because it seems my speed and my type of place to work.