August 30th, 2009

Ever After Question Look

MDRF and the Just Breathe Gown

First, the Just Breathe Gown. I got the material yesterday and it's very gold but very beautiful. I paired the fabric up with the silvery crinkle silk I already have over white satin silk to take a picture. This is closer to the true color but the picture isn't as clear. I think I might get some cream silk for the underdress rather than the white silk because it looks a bit off with the white silk. Given that I'm already playing with a different color palatee, I still want to keep to the gown as much as possible but have it look pretty. Making a light gold version of the dress would probably look better overall.

So, went back to MDRF today and saw the Medaeval Baebes. Squee! I took a couple of videos. One is going up on youtube and the others up on flickr.

The video has yet to be processed so it might take a while. Feel free to comment on any of the photos as usual. I saw some really great outfits and some that just make me go o_0 Like amazing pantless woman! There was a girl walking around in a black tank top, a flannel shirt, and no pants/shorts/skirt. We weren't sure what was up with that. I'm thinking (hoping) she just spilled something on herself and gave up, figured the shirt was long enough to be decent (when compared to the bikini bunnies, she was).