September 1st, 2009


Sewing Project list (so I don't forget!)

Pink Italian, 1500's style, in linen with black couching trim around the neckline.

Brown Tudor a la Anne of the Thousand Days

Finish the Elizabethan surcote - It's not completely H/A but I loved the fabric too much and needed to show it off.

Denim bustle skirt - Serious question: Anyone have old blue jeans that they are going to throw away? I want to cut up a bunch of jeans and use that for the skirt. It's for something steampunk.

1650's Pink Bodice

Pink and Silver steampunk ball gown

Repair the dresses I have

Sell the dresses that don't fit anymore (anyone need a nice linen Turkish coat?)

Just Breath Gown - will probably be moved around a lot in the list until I get a trim I love

Bella's Wedding Gown - Yes, that Bella. I just...have to.

Cullen Crest heraldic Tudor gown because, again, I have to. Don't worry, it will be for Renn Faire only...I think. Well, maybe Pennsic.