September 5th, 2009


I need a bustle icon...


Miss Ginsie as an LOLdog. She fell asleep on top of all the books I had piled up on the sofa. I couldn't help myself.

Second: For those on costume_snark, Remember how I said I was going to make a steampunk bustle skirt? Just, well, because? ;-) This is the material I will be using. I figure it will go well for the November meet up. Joann's had some heavy denim in their $5 a yard section. (Remember when it was the $1 and $2 a yard section? Yeah, so do I.) Well, it turns out it was all 50% back there so I got a bunch of heavy denim for $2.50 a yard. Much better than the $10.00 a yard I was considering.

Third: I didn't go to the Renn Fest today. I will be there tomorrow. I really couldn't get out of bed today. Stupid Olive Garden... The food and service at the one in Laurel has really gone down hill.
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