September 8th, 2009



I lost my basic bodice pattern. I haven't the slightest idea where it went to. The last time I used it was right before Pennsic and it's not in any of the places I might normally hide it. So, I'm going to draft up a new one tonight. Gag.

After that, I'll finally cut out the pink linen Italian and work on that. Hopefully.

For Poe, I *think* I might stick to my aqua dress and wear a lot of black lace over it. I have a black wool coat for it and I need to make a new bonnet so I should have enough black on to look like I'm in mourning. I *might* give up and make a black wool bodice (with purple highlights?) to go with a black wool skirt I already have. That would be the easiest but who wants that?

For the Steampunk bustle: I need to find a couple of black leather belts. Thrift store tomorrow night, maybe? I came up with a different idea. Rather than belts, I'll just take apart a pair of overalls I never wear anymore and use the straps from that. It will keep with the denim theme and I'll get to reuse even more old denim. Awesome!