September 13th, 2009

4th of July

You might remember...

This was what my September 11th Renn Garb looked like. I was working at the Renaissance Festival when 9/11 happened. We weren't allowed to wear ribbons or otherwise express our outrage/patriotism/ect while at work. We all came up with different ways to get around that. ;-) Some had "favors" in the form of red, white, & blue ribbons others began to wear other things. I decided, after that, to make red, white, & blue garb. I wear it on the day closest to 9/11 normally.

The bodice has long since been worn. I made it back in 2001 and it just...looked like it. The skirts I made in 2005 (time of the post). I love the blue linen skirt too much to give it up. It's linen!

so, I made a new pair of stays for this year. The outfit this year. Yes, I know the skirt is falling. I need to fix that for next year. I didn't realize it when the picture was being taken or else I would have fixed it just for the picture.

The stays I made Saturday morning. They are red linen lined in navy blue linen and they are tabbed. The shirt is old (I need to make a new one, badly) but the jacket I made in April or May. Hopefully, it doesn't look too shabby.