September 21st, 2009

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Random Stuff

So, today started the second week at my new job. I'm still not sure what to think and I doubt I ever will at this point.

Dad got me the entire first season of True Blood. Win! And a mug. :-)

I have a commission that I probably should be working on right now but I'll work on it tomorrow when I have a toddler to try it on...:-) It's a green cotton Irish gown for a flower girl. It's supposed to be a 2t. I serious doubt my nephew will mind being a model (to check for sizing issues) for a dress for all of three minutes. He'll probably think Aunt Sissy is crazy but I also think his parents will find it highly amusing.

Papa Johns put ham on my sauceless pizza. Yuck! Bacon is good but real chunks of ham is not.

I *should* be doing more sewing. My projects are getting backed up. Instead, I've been writing. Not that this is a bad thing but I do need to get a couple of projects done by the middle of next month.

Also, does anyone want a perfectly good Turkish styled coat? It's a reddish-orange linen facing, lined in navy blue linen. It has silver buttons up the front. The waist is 36" and the bust is 44". I'm going to put it up on Etsy soon for about $80 but I just want to see if anyone wants it here first. OBO before it goes to Etsy.
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Curious NCIS

Just curious

This is something I've noticed a lot in the past but it seems to have gotten worse this year. That is women "displaying" themselves. It has gotten to the point where I found out (and have overheard many times) that some mundanes are refusing to come back until the faire kicks out those that aren't covered up. I realize this tends to be a firey topic (for my faire going friends. Not so much for the H/A ladies and gentlemen) but I also know that no one wants to see any faire close because a few playtrons have in there minds to take their hedonism to a level that interrupts the enjoyment of faire for other people. Let's face it, for most faires, if only the people in garb showed up, they'd close in a weekend. It's the mundanes, that come to see the majesty of it all, that tend to keep these places running.

I've told the people I know who have refused to come back to faire with me because of the inappropriateness of dress to write to the faire and demand that they have people either buy a t-shirt to cover up or go home.

My questions are: have other people noticed an increase in inappropriate dress/behavior this year? And have you had problems with mundanes not wanting to come because of a bad incident (either garb or language related)?