September 22nd, 2009

freedom to play

Mom's Birthday

Today was Mom's Birthday. I woke up feeling sick (stupid ham pizza!) and just decided to take the day off. I wrote all morning and then started to feel better so I went over to Mom (& Dad but Dad is in England right now, grr..)'s and made her a cake. My oldest little brother made dinner and the middle child brought the nephew. Squee!

Marxer actually reached for me and hugged me when he saw me which made my day. He's still not talking yet but my brother and his wife are working on that. Marxer thinks that Ginsie is the most amusing dog ever. Ginsie thinks Marxer is the most annoying human ever. We're working on that. :-)

I saw NCIS and loved it. NCIS:LA....not so much. The second they get technical I start to zone out. Really? running a trace that quick? Uh no. Just no. Granted, I know too much to make either show believable but at least with the original the focus was ont eh characters and the relationships, not the techno stuff.