September 26th, 2009



I cut out the pink linen Italian gown, finally. It should be sewn up and wearable by next week. I just love the linen that I'm making it out of. It is so terribly soft...and pink! Not "OMG! Pink!" but a nice petal pink.

I also started to work on a client's dress for her little girl. I compared it to Marxer's clothing (he was too fussy to try on the mock up) and it looks like a perfect match so all is good there. (The client wants a 2t gown and Marxer is in a 2t now so it worked out well there)

I might cut out more of the denim bustle skirt tonight. I'm not sure. I'm in a "Let's cut fabric!" mood rather than a "Let's sew!" mood. Which is good, because I really need to cut a few pattern pieces out.

In other news, my vacuum broke. Again. Although the swiffer works okay, it doesn't get dog hair off of the all.