September 27th, 2009

fabric colors

More sewing

No, I still haven't figured out why the computer thinks my camera is a mouse. I promise, when I do, I'll start posting pictures again.

I'm nearly done with the client's toddler Renaissance gown. The chemise came out and it looks adorable. Marxer, my nephew who happens to be the same size as the little girl this is intended for, loved the chemise. He squealed when he saw it and grabbed it from me. It fit him nicely but needs to be a little bit longer. The bodice to the dress also fit him. Hey, he was the only 2T model I have around and it's not like he knew it was a bodice....

Still, I need to make him an outfit before I take my brother, sister-in-law, and my nephew with me to the Renn Fest. I'm thinking maybe just a brown T-Tunic? I'm not sure. He really like the chemise so maybe a mini Prince Edward esque outfit?

After I get the little girl's outfit done, I'll sew up the Italian dress quickly. Then, hopefully, I'll have time to work on the Poe dress. I have a lovely black wool coat to go with it this year.