October 6th, 2009

fabric colors

So thanks to the sale over at Fabric.com...

...I went on a mini online spending spree. :-) 10 yards of teal silk taffeta, 5 yards of fuchsia silk taffeta, and 5 yards of unclipped corduroy in purple. I'm thinking of making a Cullen crest Tudor gown out of the purple (Day of Wrong people, Day of Wrong) and lining the sleeves and the forepart with some of the teal. I have some black velvet to make the crest on to the forepart.

The fuchsia will probably be some sort of Italian gown and the rest of the teal will, hopefully, be a decent 18th c gown. Of course, these are all way down the road projects...
Ever After Question Look

Alright, Tuesday. I call uncle.

My sewing machine broke. The good news is that I'm going to Mom's tomorrow and kidnapping hers. The bad news is that this puts me even further behind in projects. And the cost of getting this one fixed isn't appetizing either.

I think I might just cave and hand sew a few things. There is no way on God's green Earth I'm handsewing the hem to the Poe gown (not enough time for one thing...) but I think I can do some of the bodice seems by hand that I still need to do. Of course, now would be the time my sewing machine decides it hates me. It's a tension issue but I can't figure out, exactly, what's wrong.