October 14th, 2009

Winter Castle

Hello Winter! Here so soon?

I just read one report that says snow may be possible Saturday night. There is already talk of sleet right now -today- in the area. It's 42 f outside. I much preferred the 70 f this past weekend....

Thank God I got the space heater a couple of days ago. It's working like a dream. Although, I guess it is sort of sad that one little $40 space heater can heat my entire town home...and it's on low....

Because it's going to be COLD this weekend, I'm thinking of making a coat to go with my gown. Although I have a ton of fur, that's for a very different project (Twelfth night!). Maybe velvet and wool? I'm thinking along the lines of this type of coat (notice the black dress underneath? :-) Black silk taffeta is awesome).

After I get this done, I'll work on the Regency outfit. I'm starting to think the Orange would be fine if for no other reason that it's for a pumpkin tea. :-)