October 22nd, 2009

Fall Road

Denim Skirt

Tearing apart old jeans is actually a lot of fun. I ended up tearing apart three pairs of old jeans. One pair is black and the other two are faded blue. I managed to piece everything together and I think I will have a halfway decent steampunk denim bustle skirt by tomorrow. I hope.

Any part of the old jeans I don't end up using might end up in a quilt. I'd love to use some of my old t-shirts that are out of date and the old jeans to make a quilt for my room. Of course, that would mean actually sewing a quilt. ...and I still need to give Mom her sewing machine back and get mine fixed.

Sunday, I'm heading up to Harper's Ferry. The colors should be pretty still up there and I LOVE going there in the fall. I'm bringing Ginsie and promise to take lots of pictures. Anyone else going to check out if there is any fall foliage?