October 26th, 2009

fall color

Harpers Ferry, WV

All the pictures I took yesterday in Harpers Ferry. The colors were just spectacular. It was a little past peak but not by much. The colors were still vivid for the most part.

The day was absolutely perfect for hiking. Only a few whispy clouds and the temperature was crisp but not cold.

Ginsie loved it. There really is something amusing in watching the pup hop after grasshoppers. She would see one and try to pounce it. It would get between her paws and she'd pounce after it again. Unfortunately, I guess walking around the park and then around the town was a bit too much for her. She sprained her left front paw. The pup is okay now but last night I was worried. I carried her up and down the stairs and pretty much everywhere she needed to go. Considering how lethargic she was about it and she normally hates to be carried, I realized how much her paw hurt her. This morning, though, she was much more like herself. She did NOT want to be carried...at all. :-)

I got my hot apple cider and all my pretty leaves pictures so I'm pretty happy about that. I'll just have to remember that Ginsie is seven going on eight now and not some young pup anymore.
Arwen Sleeve

Pirate Coats update

So, Mom is getting a white satin lining. It's the heavy stuff but it's still synthetic. I'm hesitant to use it but since it's just lining the coat and not right next to the skin, it should be fine.

Dad's outfit is going to be black wool pants (found some in one of my sewing boxes) and a dark red velvet(een) coat. He'll also get a cotton shirt, as will Mom. I think I'm just lining his coat in muslin because I really don't have anything else. I might have enough of the heavy satin leftover. If I do, I'll use that.

I just need to fix the pant cuffs on my outfit. I started that a week ago and just never got around to finishing it.