October 30th, 2009

18th c


So, no pictures yet. I'll have some by Sunday. I just wore my pirate coat with my cream waistcoat and cream silk 18th c skirt. Oh, and pockets. Can't forget the pockets!

Mom had her pirate outfit on. I didn't finish the waistcoat but I did get the coat done and the pants. She wore a plain white oxford shirt with it that was mostly hidden by my blue silk scarf.

Dad wore his pirate shirt that actually came out amazingly well with his red frock coat. I didn't get a chance to sew the buttons on it but it worked for what it was.

Both parents were very happy to have real pockets on their coats. :-) I can't stand it when you have that flap and...nothing, so I put in real pockets rather than following the directions.

Everyone loved Mom's outfit. She really did look cute. All the people at the yacht club kept coming up to her and asking her if she was Thomas Jefferson. No, not really but right century!

So, we won the Chesapeake yacht club Halloween costume contest. :-) I now have a nice bottle of French red wine, 2005.

I'm going to finish up Dad's costume and hand it back to him tomorrow. It really only needs the buttons but without those it sort of looks like a smoking jacket and not a frock coat. Now, to find a lot fo black buttons that match in my collection....