October 31st, 2009

mid victorian

Oh! Pretties!

Normally, I'm not that into the civil war clothing. I like it but it's just not among my favorites. However, I think this will be a big exception. This dress is just gorgeous! The bright pink with the black lace trim? It looks like it's in good condition too. However, I do not have well over $400 to spend on a dress for "study purposes".

...reminds me...I should go take the regency gowns out and take a look at them...
Halloween Kitten

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween. I only had a dozen kids, maybe, show up to my door. Last year, it was nearly non-stop kids. I think the rain really cut down on the amount of doors the little ones were knocking on.

I wore my 1570's Italian black taffeta gown with a witch's hat. Hey, it matched! :-) I was uh...heading to Hogwarts. Honest.

Dad really liked his frock coat. I added the sea shell buttons to it and the coat really looks quite nice now. He suggested that we should go to Monticello tomorrow in our garb. :-) I know he wasn't serious but it does show that he actually liked the outfit.

Watching Night of the Living Dead -the original version. It's all sorts of awesome and gross. I love it.