November 2nd, 2009

Fall Road

Monday, gag.

It looks like someone flounced over at longhair. Considering the very eclectic mix of people over there, I'm not really surprised. But still, if you are going to praise locks of love over there, you might want to read the back entries.... Just a hint.

Sunday I went with Mom and Dad to Monticello. I'll post pictures later (have yet to upload them) but it was lovely. I was freezing because I forgot my coat but that was okay. We stayed inside the buildings for the most part.

I got Dangerous Liaisons, the book put out by the MET. Lovely, lovely pretties. Mom recognized "my gown" immediately which made me happy. I also got a book on simple clothing (and patterns!) of the 18th c.

After playing in the garden (cabbages! Carrots! Dill! ....I think I want a salad now..), we went to a great little orchard that had some good hot apple cider. (Still freezing). I took some good photos up there (it was on top of a mountain) that I'll post later.

We also went to downtown Charlottesville and ate there. I took Mom into Urban Outfitters and she really liked it. She needs a new clothing store. There, I finally got a nice acrylic/wool blend sweater ($10! It was on sale), grey sweater tights, and a dark grey/black scarf. I was finally warm. :-)

So, the lesson this weekend, do not forgot your coat. If you do, look for the closest store with a sale sign....