November 8th, 2009



I won't be going to the picnic today. :-( My nose won't stop running and, although it's a very little cold, I just don't think sitting outside on a cool day will do me much good. I REALLY hope everyone does have a great time and, please, post pictures? I'm just going to stay home and work on the denim bustle a bit more since I didn't like the way it was coming out anyway.
Dark Winter

Sewing and stuff

I didn't go to a picnic. Yes, it turned out to be a BEAUTIFUL day and would have been a great day to go but I was sneezing a lot this morning and didn't want to get everyone else sick. Food sharing and germs? Yeah, not a great combo.

I'll post pictures of the bustle skirt in a few more hours, hopefully. I need to recharge the battery for the camera and finish a couple more seems. So far, I rather like the look of it. I've added a silver lace overlay to the back and used my old jeans for the front. Attaching the trims has been uh, interesting. Going through three layers of denim plus the trim on the sewing machine just isn't a good idea. Ever. So I'm doing it by hand now.

The back has another overlay on which I used vintage trim. I'm also using reproduction buttons on this thing but it is very 1880's meets the 21st century in it's look. I mean, denim bustle skirt? Very late 20th/early 21th century.