November 13th, 2009


The Tea tomorrow...

At this point, I'm honestly not sure if I can make it or not. My usual back up plan for when Ginsie is this bad is to leave her with Mom & Dad since they know what to do as well. However, they are in North Carolina so it wouldn't be an easy drop off.

The seizure last night though has given me some hope. Even though she did have another seizure, she came out of it very very quickly. There wasn't any of that lack of recognition time this time. She let me carry her downstairs. I placed her on the floor (so I could get the door to let her out) and she just took a "breather". She scrambled to get up, let me help her, and recognized me immediately. The entire "Dorthy" period was maybe two or three minutes, and then she was fine. That most likely means that the medicine is working.

If she does well today and tonight, I'll be there. I'll see if one of my brothers can take the pint sized pup for the day. If not, I won't be able to come. I'll probably have to take her to the vet to make sure there isn't anything else going on other than the epilepsy.

Ummm...yeah. No.

So I finished up my regency stays and they looked HORRIBLE but wearable under something else. I tried them on and...umm, no. Just no. I used the simplicity pattern, cut out the correct size and it just.... I can't even begin to describe the non-fitting issues. It's like trying on something made for a little girl with a cup size. I'm going to totally give up and just wear my steampunk corset beneath it. It should give the correct look, I hope, still. Because the entire things was just... I mean, the thing was ugly to begin with but I'm upset I wasted two days on the thing when it came out that poorly in function and look.