November 14th, 2009


So the stays were a bust but...

I think I might love the Regency gown. Around uh...11 pm I decided to start on it. Four hours later, from drafting the pattern to sewing on the hooks and eyes, it's done.

I did make it out of the burnt orange taffeta. The color is growing on me. Maybe it's just that the gown came out and looks *right*. I designed it based off the half gown in Patterns of Fashion. I did use the sleeve from the Simplicity pattern (Sense and Sensibility) but that's because I know my pattern drafting limits....and I didn't want to mess up terribly on the sleeves, again.

It took me a bit to figure out the lining/facing of the bodice but I did figure it out. Actually, if you take out all the "maybe if I try this" and "agh! the pleat didn't catch"s, it was probably a three hour dress....

I promise to take pictures tomorrow of the dress. There is little point at 3 am of taking pictures when my camera likes to wash things out. They won't come out right.


Although some of you have already found them, the Regency Tea Pictures are here.

The back of my bodice before I attached the skirt last night.
The front of the bodice.
The pattern for the lining and most of the outer bodice. I really did draft it last night, honest. It's based off of the half robe gown in Patterns of Fashion. Anything that involved hooks and eyes rather than hand sewing eyelets, I'm all for. Two hooks and the dress was done.

Photos of Monticello from earlier in the month