November 16th, 2009


Mount Vernon Candlelit Tour

I've posted this over on midatlancostume but I also wanted to post it here.

On Dec 13th, I'd like to get a group together to go on one of the Candlelit tours at Mount Vernon. I'm thinking Regency dress but late 18th c all the way up through Victorian would be good given that's when the home was in use.

My plan, thus far (please, please, please provide additional input! I'd love more ideas and better times that will work for the most amount of people) is to have dinner at the plantation (I can reserve a room pretty easily once we get a final headcount) and go on the tour around 7 pm. We can look around the estate prior to dinner and check out the museum they have there now.

Dec 13th is a Sunday and the plantation will be done up for Christmas. It should be a lot of fun and just a good end of year get together. I have a lot more posted over at midatlancostume so please check that out.