November 20th, 2009

Blue Fairy


I doubt anyone here needs garb, but I am selling a few pieces co-currently up on Ebay and Etsy (I can keep them up on Etsy but I get the exposure on Ebay). I might start listing fabric up there too. (More likely to list the fabric under Ebay alone) The address is

I'm selling an old Tudor gown, my Turkish Coat (which someone here *might* like), my pink Regency gown, and the really funny Purple People Eater Renaissance Gown. (You have to see the last one to understand. It was for Day of Wrong...and Octoberfest! Because, well, have you ever seen anyone dress remotely period at the MDRF Octoberfest?) Most of these are sized for someone who is about a size 14 (hence, why I'm selling them) but I think everyone here knows how Renn clothing fits. :-) So, if you know anyone who is looking for something for Christmas, or just wants a new set of garb themselves, please direct 'em here?