November 29th, 2009

mid victorian


Just in case you didn't see it there will be a Civil War ball in March in Westminster, MD.

While going around to very random points of interest in Northern Maryland the other day, I found a perfect pair of shoes to remake into mid 18th c shoes. I wanted to take a picture of them but I lost my camera...again. I might have really lost it this time. The last time I remember it it was in my pocket. Although, it might just be over at Mom & Dad's in which case, I'll get it back.

Anyway, the shoes have the perfect heel to them and they were only $5. I really just saw the toes, picked them up, turned them over, saw they had the heel, were the right size and bought them. I also got a vintage sweater and nightgown at this little thrift store in Westminster.

Sewing news:

The Italian gown is really almost done. I should finish it tomorrow. It's coming out nicely. The bodice has been done since Friday and I've just been working on the skirt.

The denim bustle skirt is the one I've messed up on. I sewed the front piece on the back and the back piece on the front. I either have to take it completely apart or just deal with it. It doesn't look horrible the way it is but I really like the idea of the lace in the back and the old jeans in the front. I think that would look better over all so....110" of stitch ripping! Here I come!