December 3rd, 2009

Dark Winter

Ginsie and Sewing News

I won't find anything out about Ginsie's tests until Friday. The vet thinks that we just have to up her medication -which is fine- but still the tests cost an arm and a leg. Luckily, I have five watchers on the Just Breathe gown so I think that might sell. I really hope so. I'm fine with just PB&J for a month but I'm more worried about Christmas presents right now.

I found my camera. I should be able to take pictures later on tonight. I'm hoping to have the bustle skirt at least pinned correctly tonight to give everyone an idea of what that looks like. We'll see.

...At least Santa won't have to bring me a new camera now. I much prefer with the doll or the IPod Nano anyway....

Flame proof Garb!

I'm guessing that the latest discussion I had to get involved with over on the Merry Rose might just spark a bit of a firestorm. I'm hoping it won't. I hate how illogical people get over bringing pets. I get some of the arguments, but, really, if the dog is misbehaving, it's the owner's fault. Blame that specific owner. Them him or her that they are not allowed to bring their dog to events for a certain amount of time and force them to take responsibility.

When I bring Ginsie, I try my hardest to be conscientious of others. Now, will Ginsie always be on perfect behavior. Heck, no! In many ways, dogs are like toddlers. You don't know when they are going to start acting up and some are known for their temper tantrums. There is very little a parent can do about a screaming two year old other than take them away from the action and get them to calm down. The same goes for a barking dog.

However, that being said, some owners don't even think to make their dog behave. I have heard the horror stories (the dog that barked all night is one example) and my solution would be to do what you would do to a parent that left their child alone all night -call the authorities. If the owner isn't willing to take responsibility for their dog or to ask someone to pet sit their dog for them (handing responsibility to someone else) then they shouldn't have the dog to begin with. Call up the shelter and have them haul the dog off. That will get the person's attention, hopefully.