December 5th, 2009

bustle skirt

Denim bustle update

I've added a bit of black velvet to the front of the skirt. It's still pinned so it looks a bit wacky in the photos because I haven't ironed it or sewed it down. The bustle skirt thus far. Any additional ideas? I am making a bodice jacket out of some denim with a jacquard design on it in velvet after the skirt is done. I have reproduction 1870's buttons to go on it but I want to get the skirt looking pretty first.
bustle skirt


So, I've noticed a lot of people who, for lack of a better phrase, hate my guts have been looking up the bustle skirt photos. I've noticed they've created their own post(s) for it as well. Now, I don't want to assume anything because, for all I know, it could be totally innocent. But given some of the names, it just looks a bit suspicious.

EDIT: And making the link so it links to this page (or the other as it looks like the case is) and then goes to the photos? I can still see it.


I'll post pictures of the snow tomorrow but it is so awesome...and heavy! It's that super wet stuff that is horrible for skiing but great for snowmen building. Ginsie hated it at first but she's seemed to have gotten use to the idea that snow falls and she should just deal with it. I'm going to take her on a long walk tomorrow which should make for more impressive pictures than that of my front yard. ;-P